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Don't miss A.F.H.'s Debut Gig!

Sunday, April the 22nd marks Art For Hunting's debut gig! Come on down to the Black Dog Cafe in St. Paul to check out the band. Visit the gigs page for more details.

Web Site Launch!

Just in time for Art For Hunting's debut gig, this Web site has been launched to provide information about the band. Feel free to check out what the site has to offer, and check back soon as there will be much more content to come!

Art For Hunting produces groove-based compositions with lots of room for improvisation that are not afraid to take sudden left turns. Their instruments make sounds that they probably shouldn't make. A wet duck, never flies at night.

Art For Hunting's band members are descended from the legendary Arthur F. Huntington (pictured above).

Huntington survived the Titanic disaster by fashioning a raft out of a tuba case and using a banjo to paddle to safety.

An unsuccessful tryout for the original Brooklyn Visitations basketball team led Huntington to try music in New York City. He dreamed of becoming a rich and famous church choirmaster with all the prestige and women that came along with it. Instead, he had to pay the bills by settling to play "hot jazz" with Sidney Bechet.

The members of Art For Hunting honor their Great Grand Uncle through their music, even though they are not technically related to each other.